For Consultation and Treatment remember the following points :
.• Bring all investigation reports already done and documents of previous treatment, if any.
• Bring all medicines you are taking presently.
• Patient must visit the doctor (if not bed ridden).
• In case of minor, deaf & dumb or blind person, parent/guardian should always accompany.
• Be punctual about the appointed time and always keep sufficient time in hand.
• Proper case taking takes at least 20 to 30 minutes for new patients & 10 to 20 minutes for follow-ups.
• And I prepare the medicines with my own hands so that the patients get the most of what they come for, which takes another 5 to 10 minutes. All these are for the benefit of the patient. So, always keep sufficient time in hand.
If you have no faith in Homœopathy, this part is for you. If you are a user of Homœopathiic medicine, please
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About 80 (eighty) uninterrupted years have been excelled in exercising Homœopathy gathering the experience & knowledge of several Legends we came across
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An extensive list of Ailments (Disease/ Pathology) along with few successful cases.
These are few genuine cases and have been summarized in my own words. Names have been changed to protect
the clients' identity & confidentiality
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Question1. How much time is needed to cure a disease under Homoeopathic treatment ?
Answer: Only the legitimate amount of time is needed to cure a disease under Homoeopathic treatment. If a person is suffering from a sudden attack of cold with fluent nasal discharge, then it is feasible to achieve a complete cure in a couple of days. But, in most cases, the situation is found to be not so simple. For our climatic reasons, these patients on enquiry often says that this ailment is a part of his/her life for the last 15 or 20 years. That is, he/she is susceptible to the attacks of cold! That susceptibility of long duration can be corrected only in the hands of a competent homoeopath in about six months to a year of time. Moreover, if the same person possesses some more ailments togetherwith the susceptibility, then more time may be required.
                                                 The main issue is not time. The real fact is that, the will of the patient is essential. And at the same time there must be a pre-assumed time frame of short periodic verification system which on the same hand will encourage the patient to continue to take the medication, and guide the doctor to quantify the duration of medication on the other hand. In absence of such verification system, both the doctor and the patient remains in the dark far as duration of treatment is concerned. Sadly most homoeopathic doctors fails to provide a definite time frame after which the patient may expect a betterment in the case!

Question 2. I am under Homeopathic treatment for months or years, for a certain disease, and the doctor says it will take very long time to cure. Am I getting the best of Homoeopathy? How could I know that I am on the way to cure?
Answer: Each and every case always comprises of one or more pathological findings. Parameters of the pathology is the best reliable indicator to consider whether a patient is actually getting well day by day or not. For example, if one has a stone in the gall bladder, under Homoeopathic treatment the size of the stone will reduce gradually, and must be checked once in six months atleast. If one has very high TSH level in the fasting blood (Hypothyroidism), during Homoeopathic treatment must be checked bi-monthly. The parameters will speak the truth, and it is the only way by which the patient will be able to know whether he/she is actually getting the best of homoeopathy or on the way to cure.

Question 3. Is it possible to continue Chemotherapy &/or Radiotherapy (CT/RT) and Homeopathy treatment in parallel?
Answer:  Chemo/Radio-therapy, by virtue of its action, destroyes the natural defensive immunoglobulins of the body. Whereas most of the anti-cancer homoeopathic drugs increases the immunity to fight against the disease so that the diseased condition fails to thrieve in the body of the affected person. Thus being opposite in the modus-operandi, CT/RT and Homoeopathy SHOULD NOT BE DONE SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Question 4. Someone has been diagnosed cancer for which surgery along with RT &/or CT has been proposed. Someone among the party is saying homoeopathy can be of help in such situations. We need to know in specific what Homoeopathy can offer in such cases and in which way.

Answer: In early stages of cancer it is better to take Homoeopathic preparations, which cures the disease completely in most of the cases. Under my treatment, I always expect the signs of betterment within weeks of starting medicine. When favourable symptoms are observed, after one/two months of medication the abnormal pathological parameters are reviewed to corellate with the clinical findings.
However, in advanced cases of cancer, where the disease/tumor has been spread/enlarged in considerable amount, the patient before undergoing surgery &/or RT/CT, may take Homoeopathic medicine for a couple of months for reasons it inevitably developes the internal strength of the organ involved, if no betterment is achieved at all. Such patients become least vulnarable to show post-surgical metastasis, and in many of such cases the histopathological report shows no sign of malignancy.
When there is multi-organ metastasis with almost no hope of survival, specially in post-CT/RT cases, patient or the party only wants to get rid off the pain/sufferings, and then Homoeopathy is the only and the best available choice for them till date!
Yet it took more than 200 years to become a little bit of sympathetic towards those persons struggling to end their life, but better let than never, the modern science is trying to be more sympathetic towards these group of terminal patients and instituted lately a separate branch of medical science which they call “pain management”. The venture is always wanted. But, during the last 4/5 years, I’ve been able to earn spontaneous and sufficient respect, rewards and blessings for helping in cases, where this so called ‘pain managements’ failed!

Question 5. Does all and every disease or pathology or situation is curable/managable in Homoeopathy?
Answer: No. There are cases which may require life long medication for there will be no possibility of cure in true sense. For example, in a case of septal defect of the heart, the patient under medication lives a normal life but must continue the medicine for the whole life.  Again there may be cases where no medication is of any help. For example, cases of a major road traffic accident, which demands immediate surgical procedures with life supportive managements.

Question 6. There are many surgical diseases like PFO (Patent Fossa Ovale) of the Heart, calculi of  Kidney or Gall-bladder, or Appendicitis etc, which you have claimed curable by medicines! Is it possible or logical to do so?

Answer: There is no classification of disease on the basis of modes of treatment, say ‘surgical’, ‘medicinal’ or ‘psycotherapeutic’. It is the well learned ignorants like us who fails to understand that a suffering of a person may be manageble by a psychotherapeutic counselling, or may become more intense that needs medicinal aids, or sometimes (occasionally) comes out to be so severe that needs surgical interventions. It is the situation, and not the disease or pathology, which demands different modes of treatment. There may be a situation which will require all the three modes of therapy simultaneously. There is no conflict among the different ways of betterment, the conflict arises in the judgements, whether the judgements are taken only on the basis of requirements, or, under the provocation of the prevalent commercial practice! In the example of ‘Appendicitis’ it is a truth that a person who is suffering from chronic appendicitis will not get rid of his pain even after appendectomy (surgical removal of the organ). They definitely needed medicinal aids! Whereas persons suffering from an acute condition of appendix, after appendectomy feels cured, but at the cost of his abdominal immunity provider, the appendix, which is not at all a vestigeal organ, as has been pronounced by the modern practitioners for their commercial requirements. However, In most of the cases the situations were found to be not at all so severe that required an immediate surgical removal at the cost of bodily immunity!

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